The content-related focus of local universities and research institutions contributes to the training of key industries and thus to the location’s profile – an important aspect in the battle between locations for the brightest minds and talents. In particular, a broad regional offer of well-trained specialists of a certain industry increases the probability that companies of this very industry will settle or develop better. The Science City Essen initiative therefore focuses its activities on the following fields of competence:

Green Economy

The rapid industrialisation of the Ruhr region placed high demands on environmental and water management in the region and thus laid the foundation for the development of innovative “green” technologies.

Today, Essen boasts an impressive ecosystem of the “Green Economy”: from green infrastructure, hydrogen thinkers and doers to innovative business cases.

Digital Health

Essen is one of the most important medical and healthcare locations in Germany with research and care at a top international level. Here, the players from science and industry as well as medical care work together on the crucial future topics of smart hospitals, artificial intelligence and digitalisation. This is where the technological trends that are revolutionizing healthcare are set.

Urban Development

Project developers and investors appreciate Essen’s potential as an attractive and exciting investment location. Lively districts with a mix of working, living and recreation are being created throughout the city, as well as new prestigious corporate headquarters that will enrich the cityscape in the coming years.