Strong research that

is an important foundation of our future.

In order to meet these challenges, curious young people are needed, because curiosity is the driving force that always brings about progress!

In the City of Science Essen there are numerous opportunities with which you can playfully get a taste of the world of science, carry out exciting experiments and find out which topics particularly interest you or what you might enjoy doing later in your career. In short: The City of Science Essen invites you to be curious!

The Junior University of Essen will be an additional educational network and aims to promote the talent development of young people, regardless of their educational background, as well as further networking of educational offers for them. The Junior University is intended to be a sensible addition to and interlinking of the various existing possibilities on offer in Essen. Children and young people – irrespective of their educational background – are to be offered courses in experimentation and research throughout the year, thus inspiring lifelong learning with fun. In the initial phase, the focus will be on mathematics and computer science, technology and natural sciences, humanities and social sciences, as well as history and culture.

An exciting range of courses is currently being developed and will soon be available here.

The aim of the zdi-centre MINT-Network Essen, which is supported by the „BildungsCentrum der Wirtschaft gemeinnützige GmbH“ (Training Centre of Economics Non-profit Agency), is to consistently implement biography-accompanying offers for the promotion of young scientific and technical talent from day-care all the way to career and university.

The offers are aimed at pre-school children and schoolchildren in Essen. With the participation of all partners, numerous cooperative projects have been developed since the founding of zdi-Essen, and already existing activities have been sustainably supported and broadly carried out. Another goal of this biography-accompanying approach is to support and promote teacher training activities.